My Robot Makes Monsters

Confined to a corner of a small monster factory in San Jose, California, a very fast, very yellow robot churns out monsters with unapologetic speed. This is where it all happens: monsters, emerging from another dimension by the mechanical hand of a tenacious automaton. And yet, this is not where the Mito story begins, but where it ends.

In my journeys to the in-betweeen places, deep in caves of oil far underground, I long ago discovered an unusual collection of creatures not familiar to this universe – and seemingly removed from it completely. Impervious to the physical forces and atoms we know, these creatures reside in a dimension unknown to us. And yet, there they were for me to observe. I endeavored to release them from their temporal captivity, so as to better understand and study them.

It is with this intention that MItobot 1 was created. Through its swift, robotic maneuvers, impressions of these monsters slip from their untouchable domain into ours. Not unlike photographs, these impressions are not the monsters themselves, but simply analogs, made of the physical matter that we know. It is quite possibly the closest we will come to touching their odd and mysterious universe.

Sticky Monsters From Another Dimension

In my research, I discovered that a lightly adhesive, exhibition-grade vinyl is best suited for free-agent monsters – those destined to adorn the various objects of our daily lives.

It is this subsatance that can transfer them safely to painted walls, skateboards, binders, laptops, porcelain, glass, and other flt, non-porous surfaces. The adhesive is gentle enough that it will not damage most surfaces, though some surfaces are more delicate than others.I always recommend testing a discreet area of the surface to judge its tolerance for sticky monsters.

Made with the intention of a single application, sticky monsters, once removed, do not tend to go back on a surface with great efficacy. However, once applied, you will find them quite resilient to normal wear and weathering.


Some monsters slipping into our dimension are bound to be worn, and so I hve found a means to fuse them permanently to clothing.

I have chosen 100% organic cotton clothing to carry my wearable monsters. Not only is it a more gentle material to our ecosystem, it is generally more comfortble and soft than conventional varieties. It is also my intention that garments are made by those who are treated fairly and equitably, for it is our duty to respect our fellow human beings, especially in matters of monsters. Therefore, I source fair-trade and locally-manufactured garments whenever possible.

Currently, my clothing is made primarily for chlildren ages 0 to 7, as well as for their parents and guardians. As time progresses, more sizes and offerings will become available.


These are vintage and new one-of-a-kind garments that I have adorned with monsters. Designed for all ages, I make some of these unique pieces available online, but the vast majority are found at the trunks shows, festvals and craft fairs frequented by my authorized representatives.

Who Am I?

I am a humble man, interested in the progress of science, and the advancement of our knowledge. Alas, the study of subdimensional monsters has greatly affected my health, as well as my ability to meet with the public. These days I am mostly a recluse, confined to my factory, tending to my robot and my ongoing studies of these fascinating creatures.